After I read Nealia’s post on the ASR FaceBook Page, I started asking myself just what $10 buys and what impact a $10 donation would have on my life.  So here is what I came up with:

$10 will buy:

  • A movie ticket
  • 12 pack of beer
  • Lunch at Chick Fil A (sandwich, fries, drink and dessert)
  • Barbie (although, I would have to borrow $1.89 against next week’s allowance)
  • Cute Tee shirt from Target
  • 2 Tubes of toothpaste
  • 1 month of basic Netflix

Do you know what else $10 will buy?

  • 5 doses of Ivermectin
  • 2 bales of hay
  • Hoof dressing
  • Fly Spray
  • Venice Turpentine
  • Corona Ointment
  • 2.8 gallons of gas for the truck and trailer bringing the horses home from the auction

So as you are reading this post and saying something to yourself like, gosh, I’m not a multimillionaire like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, what difference can I possibly make?  Know this… to that one horse that is hungry, 2 bales of hay will go a long way.  To that horse that is suffering from bot worms etc. 1 dose of Ivermectin will make all the difference in the world.  To that poor horse that got caught by a nail, the Corona ointment will be a blessing.  So I encourage you to just do it.  Donate $10 to Saddlebred Rescue.  You’ll be glad you did.

Click on the link below to help save a saddlebred , I promise it will feel good.  I just did it and I feel fantabulous!


FaceBook Challenge

A couple days ago Nealia McCracken started a challenge on Facebook for each of our Friends to donate just $10 to the rescue and the horses and then we asked that each friend pass that on to their friends.  Why are we doing this?

We have reached out in this manner to see what the power of the internet is and to help us as we are operating at survival levels right now.  Here is our challenge a couple pledges did not get funded last year and its been challenging this year to raise the funding we need to help useful horses in need.  As you know we recycle older Amish horses back into lesson programs and as personal pleasure and trail horses for the most part.  Some of the horses are donated by us to therapeutic riding programs as well.  We need $30,000 to be able to maintain our operations until the fundraiser at Louisville the end of August.  We maintain 20-30 horses in rehab on a fairly consistent basis.  We tried to reduce the operation but how can we say no to good horses destined for slaughter in Canada when they can be giving lessons and introducing new people to this breed.   Any questions or financial information you need from the rescue please just ask.  So far we are at about $3,500 in donations for this challenge.

You can help us by sending in your donation to our address at 4 Westview Dr.  Blairstown, NJ 07825 or if you have a PayPal account you can send to us that way as well.  If you want to make credit card donations you need to call Mark at 908 362 8285.  Also please ask your friends as well.  If you want to start a monthly donation through PayPal click on the amount you want to donate in the left blue column below in this newsletter.

You can also help us financially by adopting a horse for your use or for your lesson program.  We can give you references if needed to see how our program works or just call Anne Butler in the barn at 908 362 7858.  Nealia is also available at the barn number or at 908 362 8285.  We cater to UPHA members so please just call.  We currently have about 30 horses at our facility and several we have not had time yet to post on our website.  All information is available at www.saddlebredrescue.com

Come on and take the challenge!  It will make you feel good.


About Save a Saddlebred

This blog is on behalf of a cause that is near and dear to my heart, Saddlebred Rescue. Our group saves, rehabilitates and repurposes saddlebred horses. To date, we have prevented 900+ horses from being slaughtered. I'm proud to be a part of that. This site will bring you news of whats going on and of course, pleas for donations. Think about it, it's a great cause.
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4 Responses to $10

  1. Anne Juratovac says:

    Thank you for all who have donated so far, we really need to keep this fund raising in the hearts and minds of all who read the Facebook pages and learn about American Saddlebreds and the ASBs at risk and in need. Anne Juratovac, avid SBR and ASB fan.

  2. Lisa Lehrke says:

    I love my SBR Buster. I know quite a lot of folks that love their rescues. I will bug Kris from Manahan Stable to talk about their rescues and how much they win in Academy.

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