I’m Still Smiling

Yesterday I had a really bad day of post World Championship Horse Show blues.  I wandered around the house with organ music playing in my head asking myself, “where are the horses, why am I walking on wood floors instead of shavings (green or otherwise), why are fresh fruits and vegetables in my universe, why am I not back at the barn with my barn family?”…  I know that you know what I am talking about, because if you were at the show, you had the same re-entry back to your normal world that I did.

So I did what any self respecting horse show junkie would do.  I edited the pictures that my friend Steve Chesler took at the show and posted them on Facebook, dutifully tagging my FB friends involved with the shots and captioning most of them.  After I looked at the photos a hundred or so times, I scoured the popular media site for any and all things Saddlebred and more specifically, WCHS saddlebred, when my friend, Lili McCutchan, alerted me to a great story that pulled me out of my doldrums.

Friends of Lili’s from her time living out west, The Coopers, came to the WCHS for 8 year old Finn Cooper to participate in the 8 year old equitation class at the show.  This was the Coopers’ first trip to Louisville for the Big Dance and they were appropriately dazzled. Liesel and Finn drank in each and every class that didn’t conflict with Finn’s first visit to the green shavings, (where she earned 6th place, by the way). The Coopers also came to the Brunch / Silent Auction to benefit Saddlebred Rescue and Finn is now the proud owner of The Breast Cancer Halter, A Show Ribbon Pillow and a Show Ribbon Purse.  They really gave us a lot of support.  But it gets better.

Unfortunately the Coopers couldn’t stay for the Saturday night show and flew back west.  As only an 8 year can be, Finn was ready to keep going on Sunday.  Cross country flights, showing at Louisville and going full tilt at the Kentucky State Fair didn’t phase her a bit.  So needing something to do, Finn decided to operate a lemonade stand.  See the picture below and look closely at the graphics.

Finn Cooper

That’s right, 8 year old Finn Cooper took it  upon herself to raise money for Saddlebred Rescue.  This 8 year old has made me smile from ear to ear and feel a bit guilty for not doing more.  If Finn can sell lemonade for Saddlebred Rescue, surely I can do something more.  We are going to hear great things from Finn Cooper I am certain.

One last thing, I am meeting with Nancy Trent Crump and Maryta Montgomery tomorrow for a wrap up.  Afterwards, I can give you some information regarding the auction’s success.


About Save a Saddlebred

This blog is on behalf of a cause that is near and dear to my heart, Saddlebred Rescue. Our group saves, rehabilitates and repurposes saddlebred horses. To date, we have prevented 900+ horses from being slaughtered. I'm proud to be a part of that. This site will bring you news of whats going on and of course, pleas for donations. Think about it, it's a great cause.
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2 Responses to I’m Still Smiling

  1. Yay!!! Thanks for this uplifting story and picture. Thank you Miss Finn!!!

  2. You are welcome. With youth like this in our world, our future seems brighter.

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